Affordable Housing

Housing continues to be an important issue for Georgians.  Let me be clear, housing is a human right. A person’s income should not cause them to lack housing.  I will support legislation that ensures Georgians have access to affordable housing. Additionally, I will support innovative housing solutions to ensure homeless populations and the working poor are able to overcome barriers to housing.

Criminal Justice Reform 

Criminal justice reform is an important issue in Georgia.  Criminal justice reforms have been marginal at the statehouse.  Incarceration and supervision for nonviolent offenders is an undue burden placed upon taxpayers within Georgia.  Private prisons operated by private companies continue to exploit formerly incarcerated individuals, their families and our great state.  I will support programs and legislation that reduces recidivism, while implementing practical criminal justice reforms.


Quality education is an important feature of a good, just society.  In our community, we must ensure education is within reach for all of our children.  I support the collaborative efforts of the Fulton/Cobb County School Boards. The reduction of mandate testing is an important step to ensure our communities establish a statewide evaluation system for teachers and educational leaders.  Our school districts must remain fiscally sound, while expanding program offerings to remain competitive with our ever changing world. Additionally with the use of vapes and other e-cigarette products, education is necessary to protect our children from unhealthy, unsafe behaviors.

Living Wage

More Georgians than ever are fighting every day to make ends meet.  I will support legislation that will raise our state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour.  Georgia’s workers are an important catalyst within our state’s economy. Relief is needed to enhance our community’s quality of life. 

Medicaid Expansion

Healthcare is essential to the well-being of Georgians.  The expansion of Medicaid would have a positive effect on the health of Georgians.  Georgia has the third-highest uninsured rate in the country.* I will support legislation that ensures Georgians have access to healthcare.  Additionally, I will support accepting federal funds for Medicaid, to ensure all Georgians from all economic backgrounds have access to essential care.

*Source: Miller, A. (2019, September 10). Georgia now has third-highest percentage of uninsured, report shows.  Retrieved from:


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